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companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. neil: what if cyberattackers could influence our next presidential election it nearly delaying last poll's results for weeks, what in phoenix time the hacker -- what if the next time the hackers are not detected and the wrong guy is elected. former fbi director said it is an easy leap from banks to ballots. all i know, steven, i am hearing a lot more deserting cases -- diserting cases, i don't think this is a huge move from messing up our bank statement to our ballots, how real a threat is this? >> i'm so glad you are bringing this story to your listening audience, it is amazing. if you a voter, not a voter, this how real it is, we have a case we're finding out today, that in florida over primary season in august. hackers tried to cast ballots they were looking for information on 2500 voters, 2500. keep in mind 2000 elect of decided by under 600. >> right. >> this could be a test. and when you look at -- we keep doing this, we keep taking technologies, and bringing home areas of our daily life before the second has been tested. as ameri
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are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. updati friends' numbers in your phone? a new app does that shibani: updates and tracking your smart phon contacts is a hassle a small sthartup is changing that. a new app connects your address book with the friends so you are not stuck facebooking them and bugging them for their new numbers. the ceo of adapt joins me now with the details. great to see you. >> hi, shibani, nice to be here. shibani: hi. off the bat k talk about address apps. they are the hottest apps out there now. there was mailbox, i just got acquired by drop box, adapt, which you launched four months ago is getting a lot of buzz as well. what's the need or problem you try to solve with your app? we look at the first social network created before technology and phones and smart phones came through, and, you know, we all took your address, wrote it in a football book. we are saying that that has not adapted sie then. we are trying to make the change. we believe that's the social network. shibani: one of the rcent updates you just launched now thatou talked
of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ like shin splints... over here. or runner's knee... ah. i recommend dr. scholl's active series insoles with triple zone protection to help reduce pain from thr sports injuries. i can feel the difference. i'm a believer ! dr. scholl's active series. i'm a believer. >> welcome back to "hannity." he spoke truth to power at the national prayer breakfast and over the weekend, the well renowned brain surgeon opened up about the racially charged backlash he received after he dared to be honest in front of president obama, watch this. >> it's very interesting the outpouring of sentiment after the national prayer breakfast. i got so much mail, letters, books, just amazing from everybody and some of the more poignant ones were from older americans who said they had given up and they were just waiting to die and now t
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turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. from beautyrest40% and posturepedic.ets save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. but hurry, the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. very unlikely controversy erupted this week over the mini series the bible. some believe that the actor who plays the devil was made up to look like barack obama. producer of the program deny that but the likeness is undeniable. we wanted to update the status of lucifer the prince of darkness. what is the current wisdom regarding him? joining us now from philadelphia rabbi, the author of the book "push back reclaiming the american judeo-christian spirit" and doctor who teaches theology. dr. rudy, and the rabbi writes about. this the bible is fairly clear that god and the devil set up the classic good vs. evil free-will decisions that people have to make on earth. that's why we have both god and the devil. god representing good. the devil
. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. updating friends' numbers in your phone? a new app does that shibani: updates and tracking your smart phone contacts is a hassle. a small sthartup is changing that. a new app connects our address book with the friends so you are not stuck facebooking them and bugging them for their new numbers. the ceo of adapt joins me now with the details. great to see you. >> hi, shibani, nice to be here. shibani: hi. off the bat k talk about address apps. th are the hottest apps out there now. there was mailbox, i just got acquired by drop box, adapt, which you launched four months ago is getting a lot of buzz as well. wh
today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to lif norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. david: five seconds away. s&p futures are closing let's head back to tim mulholland in the pits of the cme. what are you see, tim? >> we're closing near the highs. slow volume day. next week is the first week of the -- last weeks of the first quarter. so i think that we're looking at some regional fed manufacturing indexes, and end of the quarter. this market sits back a little, one step back, two steps forward. david: everyone wants to it is friday. everybody take a breath. tim, thanks very much. >> sure. shibani: shares of grocery conglomerate supervalu are soaring today. let's head back to the floor of the new york stock exchange and sandra smith with the latest. sandra? >> hey, david, hey, shibani. investors of supervalu the supermarket chain are breathing a fresh air as the stock is trading over 15 million shares. the basically the grocery store chain announced it closed a many could plex deal where
on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. >>> good >>> good morning. welcome back to "squawk box" on cnbc. that's spring music. is that what we're doing? isn't this spring music. >> spring music for cherry blossoms in d.c. today given to us by the japanese no less back in 1912. >> i told you why i'm wearing an orange tie. >> you have not told me why. >> it's a fall color. fashion forward people roll out the fall collection in the spring. that's how ahead of things i am. i already have -- all right. i'm joe kernen along with andrew ross sorkin. our guest host, john kelly and constance hunter. >> she's still in spring. >> i'm in winter. it's supposed to snow again. >> we're complaining about -- it didn't snow at all last year. now it snowed a lot this year. you h
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... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. dagen: seeing a little bit of selling on this controversial plan pushed by the european union on cypress. basically, they are trying to force the depositors in the cypress banks to take a haircut. connell: bringing phil orlando in, chief equity strategist at fed rated. you woke up to morning, and charles payne brought it up, by they restructure it, closing the banks, and when you saw it, were you like, who cares, or is it a big deal? >> there's conflicting issues here. on the one hand, this is not a big deal issue is that cypress accounts for two-tenths of gdp. it's not like germany, france, or italy going away. the other side of the coin is significant, that if you dig into the details of the plan, they -- even insured depositors will be taxed at 6.75%, violating the rule of law. if they force this on smaller depositors who are supposed to be fully insured, can they do this in other countries in other situations? connell: may not even do it in that country. >> so you may have a legislative
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beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> welcome back to the program. let's check in on u.s. futures. the dow looking down maybe 7 points at the open, but the nasdaq has slipped negative and this follows a pretty negative tone out of the european trading session. over in asia, it was a little bit mixed picture this morning, though. and china needs renewed reform momentum, at least according to the oecd's latest on the country. the economy will grow 8.5% this year and maybe more on the next. while praising beijing, he also highlighted the financial sector and urbanization as key areas for reform. eunice yoon can all caught up with secretary general angel lahoria. their conversation quickly switched to cyprus. >> what's happening in cyprus is not indicative of what's happening in the world, not indicative of what's happening in the euro area. in cyprus, there was a peculiar situation. the government could not rescue the banking system. there should have been losses accrued to the critters of the banks who took risk webs but there was a formula where they tried to sort of keep everybody more or
of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪ we'll do the rest. looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn. >> a nine-year-old girl survives a horrific accident. climbing out of a dark canyon in the middle of the night to save her dad. the force escape launched over an embankment in california in the middle of the night. that child climbed out of the wreckage and walked in dark ness four hours and flagged down a motorist. >> she walked quite a distance in a threatening environment. it's he very black out here, dark, and steep and brushy and there are coyotes in the background. >> harris: oh, my gosh, she was only nine, i mentioned that. by the time the emergency crews got it the crash, her dad was dead and that girl was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and federal agents carrying out a mass
. the mostnnovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading . siemens. answers. shibani: where spring here, we sit down with a shoe designer and new mom to discuss what's next in fashion. that is coming up next. ♪ shibani: in fashion, shoes for spring. earlier on this week, gerri sat with kristin who recently joined forces with chinese laundry to create her own line of trendy pumps, platform boots, and flats, and there for the fashion conscious woman who leads an on the go lifestyle just like her. gerri: great to have you here. >> thank you. gerri: i want viewers to catch up. you had a baby. >> yes, he's 7 months old, the most amazing thing in the entire worldment every day something new and exciting. he's getting close to crawling, doing an army crawl across the floor which is hilarious. it's amazing. gerri: talk about balancing life as a mom with life as a shoe designer. >> you know, it's worked out well. like i said, i do pretty much everything from chicago, which is where we live, and, you know, it's worked out well that jay, during -- he plays football, m
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companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? >> it's been 15 minutes since the last edition of "markets now," annie coal -- and nicole, there's good news for beaten down retailers today. >> that's right, the one and three spots in the s&p 500. they are taking tough spots. starting with jcpenney, of course, it's down 60% over the last year, but, today, jumping nearly 9%, some positive comments, first from opco talking about the fact they like parts of jcpenney, and you can see the stocks are jumping, and isi group talked about the fajt -- fact they can move into a reit indication, and that's a winning day there. we'll take a look here at best buy, which are getting another upgrade, you know, best buy with a good recent quarter, and jpmorgan w
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companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ >>> >>> welcome back. it is not uncommon for a $9.7 billion business to make new investments, unless that business happens to be a professional sport. the national football league is teaming up with providence equity partners to create a new investment partnership. they'll have about $300 million to invest in start-ups that focus on sports, media, and technology. eric grabmeni joins us now exclusively to talk about this new partnership. eric, good to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me, maria. what can i do for you? >> wlhat is the motivation? why is the nfl headed in this direction? >> well, the nfl is a big business, as you know, and there are different elements to that business. obviously, there's the football bu
companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >> bill: back of the book segment tonight. as you may know the miller time segment is usually on wednesday nights. we have a lot of stuff you may want to see again. if you don't want to see it again. the swamp guys are on another cable channel right now. but if do you want to see them again, we begin with propaganda from north korea. ♪ we are the world] >> bill: and you say? >> these people just got we are the world this week for god's sake? listen, if there weren't some -- hang on, billy. it's drone season out here. [mosquito] >> bill: i don't know -- i should have gotten the translation. >> why don't we send some of these domestic drones over there and smoke that belister the next time is he doing a gangnam style. >> gangnam style. >> i think what the korean on the screen said was we're giving you topics for dennis miller. i think that's what it said right there. >> listen, i appreciate korea setting he up. [mosquito] >> bill: this is drones? is that what is going on there? >> so many domestic drones. like i said, let's send some over th
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to places beyond it. siemens. answers. impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> take a look at futures. the dow looks like it would open off about 103 points. fass dak would be off about 32 points and the s&p 500 off about 16 points. making headlines this morning, beyond cyprus, airbus is landing a record order of jets from indonesia's lion air. the deal is for $24 billion for 234 planes. also today, president obama is going to be nominating thomas perez to head the labor department. >> we wondered. >> an airplane guy. >> if we were going to pull back, we wondered where it was going to come from. but this doesn't change that we're still -- the dollar has been thrown away
companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon on two lobsterfest entrees. >>> rapid fire. roll it. not just one, two inmates who escaped prison in canada aboard a commandeered helicopter back in custody expected in court today. police say two men posing as tourists rented a helicopter, pulled a gun on the pilot, forced him to fly over the detention center so they have the rope, lower the rope, pull two inmates on board. once the chopper landed, they got out by car, but within hour, police had captured all four men. >>
beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> good morning. welcome back to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm joe kernen along with becky quick and andrew ross sorkin. u.s. equity futures at this hour after giving back about 62, well off the lows yesterday. indicated that a bounce a little, but a time can happen between thou and 9:30 on the east coast. there's energy, you see crude is around $94 or so. it seems like it's been anywhere between $90 and $95 for months and months. steve liesman joins us on set with a special guest. who do you have? >> i have krzysztchri christofft et means for global prices and economics. let's go piece by piece. let's talk about demand and supply, which is on its own track, and what happens to supply. how much oil is going to be produced here in the united states over the next few years? >> it is going to be big. it is big already. if you look back five or six years, the u.s. imported more than 12 million barrels per day. last year, they were down to 7.5. this year, it's probably down another million. so that is fallen by half in five or six years. most of that is domestic
. siemens. answers. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. >>> you should have seen what todd got me for christmas. well, it wasn't that exciting. it's a metal rack, a case for a hunting rifle to put on the back of a four-wheeler. and then, though, i had to get something for him to put in the gun case, right? so this go around, he has the wilv rifle, i got the rack. oh, bloomering is not around . e our bill gulp is safe. it's just pop with low cal ice cubes in it. i hope that is okay. >> ron rattner is still bus and mark halpern. in washington pulleyser prize winning columnist and editor for "the washington post" eugene robinson. i have to ask you a question. mika is still simmering over that last -- >> no, i'm good. sometimes you just let a story breathe. >> i was entertained. i thought that was some fun stuff. >> me too. >> breaking out in washington, eugene, you have jo
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